Kaha Oy is a leading wholesaler of automotive
products in Finland

Efficient distribution partner:
Over 2 000 000 delivered order lines per year

About Us

Kaha Oy has been a strong player in the automotive market since 1934. Our business is based on long-term partnerships with our local wholesalers, car importers and car dealers, as well as with industrial companies in Finland.

Our portfolio consists of the most well-known brands guaranteeing a high level of product quality. Today, our product range is the largest in our market area. Our entire product range, consisting of approximately 400,000 different items, can be viewed at Autoluettelo.fi.  We focus on product availability and efficient logistics, ensuring that almost 100,000 items are always in stock at our warehouse, so we can supply these products directly to our customers.

Creating long-lasting partnerships with our suppliers

The reliable relationships with our suppliers are very important for us at Kaha. If we didn’t have our top notch products, there would be no us. We have many suppliers that have been our partners for years and years. Our long experience in the automotive industry and our wide range of customers makes us a natural choice for distributor when a company wants to enter the Finnish automotive market.

Our customer base consists of all the major car importers, wholesalers, heavy vehicle dealers and players in marine, industry and construction fields. We are a well-known distributor in Finland and therefore entering the Finnish market with us provides you and your products a lot of benefits. We have the customer base ready for you, we can help you in terms of pricing, marketing, and we have fast, efficient delivering to our customers.

Kaha distribution

Distribution Finland

We have a large warehouse in Vantaa here we constantly have almost 100 000 items on stock. The availability of products makes it possible to deliver the products fast to our customers. Efficient logistics is one of the main factors in our business.

Fast and efficient distribution to whole Finnish market:

  • Aftermarket wholesalers
    –> Work shops
  • Car importers and dealers
  • Vehicle industry
  • Manufacturers
  • Warehouse open
    Mon – Fri 6.00 – 21.00




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Products in distribution
which 100.000 in stock
Total warehouse capacity
delivered order lines / year